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Wood Card - Hinoki (Japanese cypress)
Wood Card - Hinoki (Japanese cypress)
Wood Card - Hinoki (Japanese cypress)

Wood Card - Hinoki (Japanese cypress)

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[How to use]
・You can enjoy aromas by applying Yohaku aroma oil or mist as you like to this cypress wood card. Slide it into a business card holder, letter, or book, or keep it in a mask case or pouch to transfer the natural aroma to other contents of the container.
  • Avoid using with cloth products that have gold thread or silver thread, as well as any other precious metal products, as the aroma ingredients may cloud the color of these metals.
  • Be careful not to touch the product to painted surfaces, plastic surfaces, or cloth surfaces such as clothing for a long time, as doing so may cause the surfaces of such materials to change color.
  • Beware of color transfer, as the card is made of natural materials.
  • Do not allow this product to directly touch printed materials such as inkjet printer output, as doing so may cause the aroma ingredients to bleed into the printed surface.
  • Do not use for any other applications.
  • Avoid heat and humidity, and use and store out of the reach of pets and children.
  • This product is not edible.

Japanese cypress

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