Nippon Kodo elemense Yohaku Kitowa Esteban Paris


We comply with IFRA regulations and use carefully selected fragrances.
Safety is our top priority and this is a clean fragrance that complies with EU CLP regulations and US VOC regulations.

Aroma oil

Aroma oils made with 100% natural scents. We offer three single note oils carefully selected from all over Japan, four soothing blended oils, and 2 types of 100% natural essential oils which let you feel the cycle of time in a day. Pour an appropriate amount of oil in an aroma pot, on an aroma stone, a wood card, or on incense, and enjoy the aroma.

Botanical aroma mist

Contains 75% ethanol. This aroma hand mist contains a moisturizing component, to keep your hands healthy. Apply a small amount to your hands. The scent is 100% natural plant essential oil. It can also be used as an aroma mist in your room. Use the mist by spraying it in the air as desired.


This incense has a natural scent, made using only carefully selected natural cypress trees. Essential oil can be dripped onto incense before use, to enjoy the rich natural scent formed by cypress and the combined aromas.

Japanese smudge stick

Smudging is a practice used to purify spaces, found in many cultures around the world. Cypress and camphor are sacred trees in Japanese culture, and are even mentioned in the Nihon Shoki (Chronicles of Japan, the second-oldest book of classical Japanese history). Both cypress and camphor are said to have deodorant, pest repellant, and relaxation effects, and make purifying aromas that waft through spaces.

Wood card

You can enjoy aromas by applying Yohaku aroma oil or mist as you like to this cypress wood card. Slide it into a business card holder, letter, or book, or keep it in a mask case or pouch to transfer the natural aroma to other contents of the container.

Porcelain aroma stone

Arita ware is a famous style of Japanese porcelain with a history stretching back over 400 years. This aroma stone was crafted in the style of Hizen Yoshida ware, a noteworthy subgenre of Arita ware first made in the Osotoyama region of modern Saga Prefecture. This combination of Japanese traditional porcelain, inherited from olden times, and Yohaku aromas, centered on Japanese essential oils, offers a new way to enjoy a soothing experience.