Nippon Kodo elemense Yohaku Kitowa Esteban Paris


An innocent world where the scent of nature is calling.

The products of “Yohaku” are made from natural materials with scents of nature. We make the scents by using 100% essential oil that are made from sacred woods such as hinoki or kusunoki, and fruits and herbs like yuzu or mint which are made carefully in each location in Japan.

The scents of nature in the Yohaku collection provide a tranquil sense of release to allow your soul to flourish — the idea of being a free spirited, bold, and curious to reflect on yourself, the concept behind “Yohaku.”

The Yohaku collection include the main four scents that represent the progressing time of day: “Sunrise” (refreshed morning), “Monk tree” (pleasant daytime), “Hayes Valley” (calming evening) and “Moon Jazz” (quiet night). The aroma oils are created using ingredients crafted by masters of perfumery, artists and designers in Japan.

Creative director : Shinichiro Nakahara

Adviser : Mitsuyoshi Yatagai