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Yohaku ヨハク アロマオイル  Monk Tree モンクツリー 商品画像
Yohaku ヨハク アロマオイル  Monk Tree モンクツリー イメージ画像
Yohaku ヨハク  Monk Tree モンクツリー 香りのトライアングル
Yohaku ヨハク アロマオイル  イメージ画像

Aroma oil - Monk Tree

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[Key Note]
A woody floral aroma, for a time that passes by like a morning slumber, cleansing the body and mind. Blend: A woody floral aroma, centered on the spacious, calm, and comforting scent of wood, blended with gentle floral scents, as well as the hallowed, purifying scents of cypress and frankincense.

[How to use]
Pour an appropriate amount of oil in an aroma pot, on an aroma stone , a wood card, or on incense , and enjoy the aroma.

  • Do not touch aroma oil to your skin directly.
  • Use and keep in a place out of reach of children and pets.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight, and heat or humidity.
  • This product is not edible.

Blended Japanese Oils:Hinoki Oil (JapaneseCypress Essential Oil) – steam distillation Natural plant oil obtained by steam distillation from the xylem (wood) of cypress trees. *Oil extracted by steam distillation, using sawdust from cypress trees grown in Mie, Japan.

[Outline features]
All Natural / Blended fragrance / Hinoki essential oil from Mie, Japan (steam distillation)

100% naturally derived


Recycled Glass