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WOOD CARD - Hinoki

WOOD CARD - Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) is a beautiful way to enjoy your favorite fragrances. Simply apply YOHAKU aroma oil or mist to the wood card. Use the wood card as a bookmark in your current favorite book, or include it in a personal letter, as a keepsake for your recipient. Slide it into a business card holder, or even use them as gift favors for a rustic or nature-inspired wedding.

Package includes 5 wood cards, with each measuring roughly 1" x 3.5". Each card is embossed with a Kikusumi (菊炭), a chrysanthemum-shaped Japanese charcoal. Long appreciated in Japan for its naturally beautiful appearance, kikusumi has been considered a luxury product and has been used in Japanese tea ceremonies since the Muromachi Period in 1336.