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Yohaku: A New World of Nature Scent
Yohaku, meaning “blank space” in Japanese, is an all-new home fragrance brand that proposes the idea of being a free spirited, bold, and curious to reflect on oneself through scents found in nature. Using 100% essential oil, the Yohaku collection provides a tranquil sense of release to allow one’s soul to flourish.

LOS ANGELES, Calif., October 20, 2022 — Yohaku introduces 20 products in 7 categories in its initial launch. With emphasis on nature, the collection is based on the six Aroma Oil scents made from sacred trees such as hinoki (Japanese cypress), kusunoki (camphor tree), fruits and herbs including yuzu and mint that are grown in different parts of Japan. The four blended scents— Sunrise, Monk Tree, Hayes Valley and Moon Jazz were created to represent the progressing time of day beginning with refreshed morning, pleasant daytime, calming evening and quiet night. The oil collection is complemented with the single note Hinoki and Japanese Mint. The oils can be mixed & matched to create one’s own bold feeling of nature.

The Botanical Aroma Mist comes in the four signature scents and can be used as a room spray or sprayed on the hand as it contains a moisturizing component.

The Japanese Smudge collection includes the Hinoki and Kusunoki which are seldom used as smudge sticks, have relaxing effects and are also known to mask odor and repel pests. Smudging is believed to purify the air and using the rare hinoki or kusunoki achieve a special experience.

The calming Hinoki scent can be experienced in the form of a cone incense which includes a stand. The scent comes from carefully selected natural cypress trees.

The Wood Card, made from cypress tree, is a unique item where the mist or aroma oil is applied to. The scented card, when placed in a business card holder, letter, or book, allows the aroma to be experienced by the recipient and reader.

The Porcelain 3-way aromadome, based on the Arita ware with a 400 year history of Japanese porcelain, is a bespoke item specially designed for the Yohaku brand. It is imbued with versatility as a fragrance diffuser, aroma oil burner, and pot warmer. The Porcelain aroma stone is also an Arita ware available in Egg and Kikusumi (a small tree trunk). The aroma stone serves as a diffuser home décor for the Yohaku aroma oil.

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About Yohaku: A new brand that is launched by Nippon Kodo, known for its incense and a 440-year history of artistry with fragrance. It offers a unique way to enjoy a soothing experience using natural ingredients crafted by masters of perfumery, artists and designers in Japan .

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